Exploring Data Transmission Technology

Orbis solves telecom and data networks' challenges. We create the future of data transmission, including industrial automation, building power distribution, and data network cabling. We serve various sectors such as housing, public buildings, data centers, manufacturing and defense industries as well as the electronics industry. We support you from choosing the right components to planning, implementation and measurement. With our in-house production and product development capabilities we can guarantee you fast, reliable and future-proof solutions to any data transmission challenge.

Orbis – Solutions for telecom and data networks challenges
Orbis is an honest and experienced operator, who who does everything to implement the best possible solutions for all data transfer challenges and tasks.

Precise services and reliable data transmission

At Orbis, you can find solutions for data transmission in real estate, wireless connections in public spaces and means of transport, as well as fixed and mobile networks of telecom operators, data centers and industry. We also serve the defence industry with uncompromising quality and delivery reliability.

Regardless of the application area, Orbis’ own production realizes a quality product set custom-made to your needs, whose operational reliability and performance you can rely on. All of our experts are passionate about their work and have a deep understanding of the necessary technologies which shows in our solutions.

Customisable Data Transmission Solutions

Orbis specializes in custom data transmission products, such as cable assemblies and fiber optic panels, backed by our strong expertise in the field. We focus on high-quality, reliable services and innovative, future-oriented solutions for various industries. Our thorough testing guarantees top performance, while we consistently choose manufacturers with dependable products, timely deliveries, and competitive pricing.

You can easily find our products – both Orbis manufactured and representation products – in our webshop Worbis. Visit now to find the perfect solution for your needs.

Product Development

Product development and new applications are at the core of Orbis’ operations. As our customer, you always benefit from the latest innovations in the field and stay at the forefront of development. Our experts are constantly exploring new technologies and searching the global markets for data transmission components that will meet your needs also in the future.



Exceptions to business hours during the holiday season

On Christmas Day, Dec 25, on Boxing Day, Dec 26, and on New Year’s Day, Jan 1, we are closed.

Smart City Innovation Cluster luo tulevaisuuden älykkäitä kaupunkeja.

Orbis Oy joined the Smart City Innovation Cluster

We are adding our comprehensive mobile network and smart city expertise to the newly founded Smart City Innovation Cluster.

Orbis – Innovatiivisuus ja tuotekehitys ovat kaiken toimintamme ytimessä.

Renewed Brochure for Urban Pole™

UrbanPole blends seamlessly into the urban environment. Take a look at our updated Urban Pole™ brochure.


Orbis – Honest, Reliable and Experienced

Orbis provides custom data transfer solutions for all situations.

Delivering Tailored Solutions with Dedication

As a trusted and knowledgeable partner, Orbis Oy consistently delivers the optimal solution for every customer. Our commitment to personal service, innovation, and reliability ensures we always meet our promises. We provide tailored technology and cabling solutions across various environments. We acknowledge that multidisciplinary expertise requires passionate dedication and understanding of the customer’s environment and everyday life.

Get to know us

Career at Orbis

Come be a part of making a real difference in the world of data transmission with us! At Orbis Oy, you’ll have access to cutting-edge tools and methodologies for your development, as well as our strong expertise and innovative solutions. Work on fascinating challenges and influence your own job, all while enjoying the rapid development of technology. Whether you’re looking to follow a path unbeaten or seek to work in an environment that values high-quality and reliable services, we recommend you apply for a job at Orbis Oy. Send your application to customerservice (at) orbis.eu.

Worbis – Data Transmission Webshop

At Worbis.shop, we offer easy purchase of data transmission products. With our strong expertise and commitment to providing high-quality and reliable services, we offer tailored technology and cabling solutions for different industries. Our fast availability ensures that your work won’t be delayed, and your items will arrive in a timely manner, usually the next day. Join our Worbis Club for regular customers for exclusive benefits and be the first to hear about new applications and solutions. We sell only to businesses.