We provide solutions for data transmission in real estate, public spaces, transportation, as well as fixed and mobile networks of telecom operators, data centers and industry. We also serve the defence industry with our reliable solutions. We are forerunners in fiber optic technologies and cable assemblies and our mission is to find the best possible solutions for our customers and help them grow. We provide fiber optic cable testing equipment and other optical fibre technologies for our clients' needs.

At Orbis, we are committed to providing efficient and effective data transmission solutions with a personal touch and we take pride in the quality and reliability of our services.

Orbis provides solutions for fixed and wireless networks in apartment houses, public buildings, transportation, mobile networks, and data centers.
Uncompromising quality and reliability from Orbis

Multidisciplinary data transmission solutions by dedicated and passionate experts

We provide trustworthy, quality products that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Our dedicated experts offer technical understanding to help you overcome any challenge. By working with us, you get access to new, innovative solutions that make your everyday life easier and enable success in the future as well. Innovation and product development are at the core of all our activities.

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Orbis provides ready-made cables and special cables for applications in the manufacturing industry.


Orbis manufactures tailored cable assemblies for its customers. The length of the cable is exactly measured for customers’ application and also the connectors are selected by the customer. The need for special cable type may come from environmental requirements, technical performance or mechanical exertion in the application.

Orbis has the capabilities to provide cable and component solutions for space technologies and quantum technologies.

New Technologies

At Orbis we aspire to be at the forefront of development and new technologies. We have researched both quantum technologies and space technologies and we are prepared to provide cable assemblies and components to both quantum and space technology companies. Contact us and ask more information from our experts.

Smart poles work as platforms for devices and sensors which enables services for everybody.


In a mobile network the cabling of a base station depends on the manufacturer of the station and types of devices used. It also differs in mast and city sites. Each telecom operator has also its own installation habits. A base station is a very demanding environment in which our Orbis OptoMast™ product family has proved to be a reliable solution.

For decades, Orbis has supplied data transfer products for the challenging needs of the defence industry.

Defence Industry

In applications for the defence industry there are several common data transmission components. In critical systems the reliability of products is e.g. ensured by using only acknowledged manufacturers. Military has also their own fixed networks as well as machines and devices which use data communication and need to have regular calibrations.

Solutions for in-building networks from general cabling to access networks from Orbis.

In-Building Network

Inside a building data is transferred in several channels: fiber optical cables, wireless networks, twisted-pair cabling and antenna networks. New challenge indoors is the coverage of mobile networks. Our product portfolio for in-building networks is quite comprehensive.

Data center solutions from plans to installation from Orbis.

Data Centers

In a data center structures and cabling should be optimized to the needs at the time but they should also be easily expanded. The best data transmission device in terms of capacity is fiber optics. But still twisted pair cabling has its place in data centers. Due to the need of extremely large amounts of data and cabling there has been developed numerous innovative products.

Orbis provides custom data transfer solutions for all situations.

Our salespeople will help you find the right solution

You can get more information about suitable products or support in planning a sustainable overall solution from our experienced salespeople. You can also ask about our custom made cables and components!

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Worbis offers readymade data and telecom network components for fast and efficient project completion. Our range of products includes fiber optic cable assemblies, Cat-cables, and data center equipment, among others. With our fast delivery options, you can receive your items in just a few days, ensuring that your project stays on track.

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