New Brochure: Optical Transceivers

Our product range for optical transceivers expanded in the spring and we’ve now compiled the basic selection to a new brochure.


With these products the optical signal in the fiber optic network can be converted to an electrical signal from 1G transfer rate networks up to 400G high speed data center networks. Options include products for different distances, connectors, operating temperatures, as well as laser transmitter and receiver types.

This new brochure includes the following models: SFP 1G, XFP ja SFP+ 10G, SFP28 25G, QSFP+ 40G, QSFP28 100G and QSFP56-DD 400G. 

You can find the most popular products in the brochure as webshop links – for others, please contact our customer service for ordering and additional information. Our customer service also helps if the basic selection does not offer a suitable product for your network. 

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