Orbis Oy joined the Smart City Innovation Cluster

We bring our comprehensive mobile network and smart city expertise to the newly founded Smart City Innovation Cluster. The cluster solves the challenges of smart cities in Finland and internationally.

Smart City Innovation Cluster luo tulevaisuuden älykkäitä kaupunkeja.

The Smart City Innovation Cluster (SCIC) consists of a number of companies and cities from both Finland and the rest of the world. The purpose of SCIC is to offer solutions and accelerate the development of smart cities through cooperation.

SCIC’s members range from Finland’s largest listed companies to small startups and research organisations, such as VTT.

Kustaa Valtonen, Chairman of the SCIC Board, Finest Bay Area Development Ltd.

The SCIC’s core action is to bring together the challenges of cities and those who can solve them. SCIC looks for and accepts challenges related to smart city solutions from cities, regions and businesses and offers them to member companies.Members join forces by forming groups around the given challenges. The groups propose solutions suitable for the challenge and make joint offers.

Interest in SCIC has been high and enquiries are coming in from all over the world. Our cluster stands out in the world, as we focus on practical action through real challenges. Also, we know our members and their talents.

Pertti Kortejärvi, CEO of SCIC