The most popular FTTH adapter holder

Nowadays the fiber optic is always brought to the new and renovated homes, so the high-speed broadband – Fiber to the Home – is available for everyone.

New: Polatis automatises fiber connections

Polatis develops, produces and sells all-optical network switches. The automatising of fiber connections enables flexible and fast changes in the network and reduces human errors.

Microlabs RF components now from Orbis Oy

Orbis Oy has signed a distribution agreement with¬†Microlab¬†which is a member of Wireless Telecom Group. Started in 1949 Microlab is a global provider of passive microwave components including power splitters, directional couplers and filters. Products are employed as system components in commercial applications such as wireless base stations for cellular, paging and private communications, in-building […]

Orbis Oy opens a Webshop

In the beginning product porfolio on the shop includes products for fiber optic installation and wireless network components.

Orbis Systems Oy starts in 2012

Orbis Oy announces changes in its company structure. The test system business area spins-out of Orbis Oy and the new independent company is named Orbis Systems Oy